Our cuisine

Inspired by the colors and flavors of the Languedoc and Cevennes region, our cuisine is a combination of traditional cuisine, creativity and boldness.

It changes with the seasons and our discoveries with producers. All products used are primarily local, carefully selected so that their quality and freshness sublimate your dishes.

Our cuisine

Roasted Scallops,

Pumpkin Cream, Cevennes Chestnuts,

Porcini Cappuccino

Our cuisine

Prawns in a Crispy Kadaïf,

Salt Cod Pounded with Garlic, Braised Artichokes,

Sundried Tomatoes, Pistachio Virgin Oil Dressing

Our cuisine

Roasted Escalope of Foie Gras,

Hippocras Poached Pear, Gingerbread Chips,

Raspberry Vinegar

Our cuisine

Roasted Scottish Salmon,

Confit Pork Breast, Mashed Vitelotte,

Green Cabbage, Genevoise Sauce

Our cuisine

Hazelnut Breaded Medallion of Monkfish,

Ocean Shells and Melting Young Leeks,

Crustaceans Juice with Hazelnut Oil

Our cuisine

Slowly Cooked Fillet of Duckling,

Autumn Fruits and Vegetables Mishmash,

Juniper Berries Chicken Juice

Our cuisine

Confit and Shredded Lamb Shoulder,

Crusty Polenta with Chips of Black Olives from Nice,

Grelot Onions and Chanterelles, Lamb Juice Flavoured with Savory

Our cuisine

Apple Cake,

Caramelized Cinnamon Mousse,

Biscuit with Almond Bursts

Our cuisine

Caramel Mousse, Poached Pear in Syrup,

Meringue Biscuit with Almonds and Hazelnuts,

Crispy Feuilletine

Our cuisine

Gingerbread and Vanilla Bavarian Cream,

Autumn and Winter Fruits,

Roasted Hazelnut Dacquoise